Classical Guitar Instruction with Douglas Niedt

Be careful using online metronomes!
Many use Adobe Flash which has security vulnerabilities.
Some even try to direct you to malicious webpages.

This metronome is safe and easy to use.
If you experience any difficulties with it, please let us know by sending us an email through the Chat Box at the left.


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Beats per bar:
Stress first beat?
Audio Volume:

Metronome Controls

  1. Set a tempo.
    • Type a number into the box in the top right corner in place of the default value of 120.
    • Press Enter on your keyboard. (Values from 15-480 may be entered.)
    • Or, drag the knob on the green vertical bar.
    • Fine-tune your tempo choice with the up/down arrows to the right of the BPM number.
  2. Set the number of beats per measure. Drag the knob on the horizontal yellow bar.
  3. How to use the "Stress first beat" box.
    • Uncheck the box if you want all the ticks to sound the same (with no accents).
    • Or, uncheck the box and set the "Beats per measure" to 1 (that will also stop the flashing numbers).
    • To choose a higher-pitched click, set the "Beats per measure" to 1 and leave the "Stress first beat" box checked.
  4. Start the metronome
    • Pressing the big button labeled START. Press the same button to stop.
    • Once you have started the metronome, you can also press the spacebar on your keyboard to stop/start.
  5. Audio Volume control. Drag the knob on the horizontal gray bar.
  6. "Tap Tempo" feature. As you listen to a piece of music, left-mouse-click in the box with the beat of the music to determine the tempo of the piece.