Classical Guitar Instruction with Douglas Niedt


"Who is Douglas Niedt?"

(By the way, it's pronounced "neet")

Well, he likes cats:

Eddy and Leopard

Eddy and Garfield

And he loves dogs:

Gunther the dog


Sierra the dog


And you can learn more about Doug here:

Douglas Niedt (pronounced "neet") is probably one of the most famous unknown guitarists in the world. He has been playing the guitar for over 50 years (yeah, he's an old guy) starting when he was seven years old. He has performed in major cities around the U.S. including three appearances at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Orchestra Hall in Chicago, and Ambassador Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Doug doesn't shun the limelight by any means but neither does he actively seek it. He is just as happy playing a concert in a small, dusty Kansas town as he is playing in New York or LA. In fact, he chooses to focus his concert career on playing in small venues in small towns around the country. It is not at all unusual for him to go to a small town and walk into a store or gas station and have someone come up to him and say, "Aren't you that guitarist who is playing tonight?" Or, "I have your CD I bought when you played here two years ago."

It all started with his Dad. His Dad played the classical guitar as a hobby. Young Doug loved the sound and asked his Dad to give him lessons. So Doug began playing at the age of seven.

He was a precocious young man, and at the age of 12 realized the guitar was a great way to meet girls. Unfortunately, he failed at this again and again. More than 50 years later, he finally got it right and married Elizabeth, the woman of his dreams. Even Doug's friends say she is way out of his league and to this day she remains either unaware of her catastrophic error or too embarrassed to admit it.

He made his concert debut in St. Louis at the age of 16. He polished his playing to gem-like brilliance through studies at the Juilliard School (this was before they even had a guitar program), the Segovia Master Classes in Spain, and with Christopher Parkening, Narciso Yepes, and Jorge Morel.

He made his New York debut at the age of twenty-one in Carnegie Recital Hall. Since then he has appeared before enthusiastic audiences across the country, prompting one critic to write,

"Mr. Niedt is not only a brilliant master of his instrument, but a performer of great sensitivity. The wealth of sound and the dynamic finesse which he elicits from the guitar make him a worthy companion of the few great guitarists such as Andres Segovia and Julian Bream."

His fabulous CD, Pure Magic, received a rave review in England's Classical Guitar Magazine and led to his appearance on the cover of Fingerstyle Guitar magazine. His Christmas CD is titled In Heavenly Peace.

He wrote a book titled How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar. It is a no-nonsense guitarist's guide to making a good living in the music business while also achieving personal fulfillment.

Doug began teaching the guitar at the age of 13 and has taught ever since while maintaining a busy concert career. Recognized as a master teacher, he is the retired chair of the guitar program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Conservatory of Music and Dance.

He is also a university Fellow (retired) of the Henry W. Bloch School of Management-Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Quotes from the Press and Others:

"He's a brilliant artist".
"He's kind of dull."

"Niedt is a master of communication."
"Why can't you say how you really feel?"

"Douglas Niedt is one of the greatest guitarists in the country." (Christopher Parkening)
"He's okay."

"He's smarter than he looks." (Doug's grandmother)

"His performance was a life-changing experience."
"I kind of dozed off during those Renaissance pieces."

"Douglas Niedt is a living legend in the world of classical guitar."
"Never heard of him."

"I take him to bed with me every night." (A fan in Sacramento who listened to his CD in bed before going to sleep).