Douglas Niedt

Douglas Niedt


NEW! "Michelle"

For you Beatles fans, I have a new arrangement of "Michelle" for solo guitar. The sheet music package includes TWO beautiful arrangements of the Beatles classic. The advanced version retains McCartney's bass lines, harmonies, and the guitar parts. The intermediate version simplifies the bass line and is more fingerstyle-friendly throughout. Both versions are in standard notation, standard notation + tab, and tab only. Check it out here.

NEW and FREE! "La Paloma"

"La Paloma," is the most recorded Spanish song in history. This delightful arrangement by Pepe Romero is based upon that by Francisco Tárrega. The free 55-page PDF includes the Romero arrangement, Tárrega's arrangement, Tárrega's handwritten manuscript, versions in the key of A major, and much more. IT'S ALL FREE!


Now that I finished the Fretboard Literacy Project, I can get back to adding more titles to my Play It Like a Pro™ series. I started work on "Sounds of the Bells" by Pernambuco. I hope to finish it in a few months.


1. I redesigned my free online metronome. Now it has an A=440 Hz tuner with a choice of sine, square, triangle, or sawtooth sound wave. Plus, as a tribute to rock band Spinal Tap, the volume level goes to 11!

2. THE FRETBOARD TRAINING COACH—LITE There are hundreds of fretboard trainers in the app stores. My trainer is unique because it teaches you the names of the notes on the fretboard, PLUS it makes the connection to what each note looks like on the musical staff. This is a new "lite" version of my deep-learning Ultimate Fretboard Trainer course.

I just added THE KANDINSKY MUSIC EXPERIMENT to the website. This music composition app is an unusual addition. Programmers working with Google's Chrome Music Lab were inspired by Russian abstract artist Kandinsky to create this very fun music composition app.


I practice 2-6 hours every day, working on new material, and always staying in shape and maintaining my old repertoire.


I'm teaching lots of video lessons, and private in-person lessons.


I completed planting the 2000 flowering annuals I grew under lights in the basement out in the garden. The garden still looks beautiful, but is beginning to wain a bit as we go into late summer.


I just finished my August Technique Tip of the Month. This month's tip is Whole-Body Warm-Up Exercises for the Classical Guitarist. As I approach my 70th birthday this year, I have learned to appreciate the importance of warming up the entire body before sitting down to practice the guitar. But make no mistake, these exercises from the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine are for all guitarists of ALL AGES

Updated September 3, 2022
Leawood, Kansas USA