Douglas Niedt

Douglas Niedt


FINISHED: My Fretboard Literacy Project

After three years, I finished my Fretboard Literacy Project, which consists of the Ultimate Note Recognition Trainer/Introduction to Music Notation Course, and the Ultimate Fretboard Trainer. They are the most in-depth fretboard training courses on the planet. And both are free!


Now that I finished the Fretboard Literacy Project, I can get back to adding more titles to my Play It Like a Pro™ series. I haven't decided what I'll do next. I must choose carefully because each of these courses takes hundreds of hours to produce.


After cooking beef tenderloin in cognac cream sauce a few weeks ago, this week I cooked up a batch of Mongolian Beef. I wanted to use filet mignon but at $35/lb "settled" on sirloin. It was very good. I've mentioned that I love desserts. I made Flan last week. It's my wife's favorite dessert and it was so good, I made a second batch. And since I had plenty of heavy cream and whole milk on hand from making the flan, I made homemade caramel sauce. It was fabulous. I spooned it over ice cream, but the ice cream was kind of redundant. I shouldn't admit this, but I liked it best eating the rich caramel by itself with a spoon! I need to get back to working in the garden to burn off those calories.


I'm jumping into a new piece (it's a secret!) which I plan to record/video in the near future.
I'm always staying in shape and maintaining my old repertoire.


I'm back to teaching in-person guitar lessons. I am SO pleased. Video lessons are excellent, but nothing compares to in-person, hands-on lessons. What a joy!


The garden is looking very good. I won a hard-fought battle with the weeds (temporarily) and my knees and back are recovering. Now, my focus is on water, water, water and fighting disease and pestilence!


I added this new "What I'm Doing Now" page to the website. I'm trying to update it at least monthly.


I just finished my July Technique Tip of the Month. It is Part 2 of "How to Learn a Piece on the Classical Guitar." This part focuses on how important it is to never practice mistakes. It isn't just a physical problem. There are things going on in your brain and neuromuscular system that make it difficult to get rid of mistakes. I spent many enjoyable hours studying how the neuromuscular system works in relation to practicing the guitar. The information is fascinating and will improve your practicing tremendously.

Updated July 23, 2021
Leawood, Kansas USA