Douglas Niedt

Douglas Niedt


NEW! My arrangement of PETER GUNN

The "Theme from Peter Gunn" was cool before cool was invented. The song is over sixty years old, and it still completely rocks. Watch me play it on the PETER GUNN PAGE.

FINISHED: My Fretboard Literacy Project

After three years, I finished my Fretboard Literacy Project, which consists of the Ultimate Note Recognition Trainer/Introduction to Music Notation Course, and the Ultimate Fretboard Trainer. They are the most in-depth fretboard training courses on the planet. And both are free!


Now that I finished the Fretboard Literacy Project, I can get back to adding more titles to my Play It Like a Pro™ series. I haven't decided what I'll do next. I must choose carefully because each of these courses takes hundreds of hours to produce.


1. I redesigned my free online metronome. I added a new volume control knob. As a tribute to Spinal Tap, it goes to 11!

2. is in the process of eliminating the tracking of its visitors (such as you!) to zero. Most websites use cookies and other code to track you for advertising, statistical, and who-knows-what nefarious purposes. That will not happen here (except for the essential operations of the shopping cart). Your browser may continue to track you, but will not.

3. The Internet uses a lot of electricity. is a sustainable energy website. The web page you are viewing ranks in the top 2% of sustainable energy web pages. Source: It has a carbon footprint of only .02 grams of CO2 per view.


Last night, I made a batch of Crème Anglaise. I poured it over some fresh raspberries and it was heavenly.


I'm learning a new piece by Bach. I practice 2-6 hours every day, working on new material, and always staying in shape and maintaining my old repertoire.


I'm teaching lots of video lessons, and private in-person lessons.


I have 2000 flowering annuals growing under lights in the basement. The weather is finally settling and I will begin taking them outside to harden off (acclimate to real-weather conditions) for a week or so.


I just finished my April Technique Tip of the Month. Last month, in Part 10, I taught you how to identify the voices in your music. This month, in Part 11-A, I begin showing you exactly how to practice the individual voices in the pieces you play. It can be a complicated tool to use, but it is powerful and the benefits are many.

Updated April 23, 2022
Leawood, Kansas USA