Douglas Niedt

Douglas Niedt


NEW! My arrangement for SOLO GUITAR of Vivaldi's gorgeous LARGO from Concerto in D Major RV 93

I made an arrangement for SOLO GUITAR of Vivaldi's gorgeous LARGO from Concerto in D Major RV 93. It is beautiful on its own without any accompaniment. However, should you need orchestral accompaniment or have always wanted to play with an orchestra, I provide 10 REAL orchestra tracks at different tempos. Plus, you get detailed performance instructions, historical background on the concerto, The Fascinating Story of Antonio Vivaldi, and much more. It is all FREE. Check it out here.

FINISHED: My Fretboard Literacy Project

After three years, I finished my Fretboard Literacy Project, which consists of the Ultimate Note Recognition Trainer/Introduction to Music Notation Course, and the Ultimate Fretboard Trainer. They are the most in-depth fretboard training courses on the planet. And both are free!


Now that I finished the Fretboard Literacy Project, I can get back to adding more titles to my Play It Like a Pro™ series. I haven't decided what I'll do next. I must choose carefully because each of these courses takes hundreds of hours to produce.


I've gone back to the basics the past two weeks. Classic Rainbow Trout Almondine and Sunday Pot Roast were very satisfying dishes. French apple pie topped it off.


I'm trying to find the time to jump into a new piece (it's a secret!) which I plan to record/video in the near future. I may need to knock off an hour or two of sleep.
And, of course, I'm always staying in shape and maintaining my old repertoire.


I'm back to teaching in-person guitar lessons. I am SO pleased. Video lessons are excellent, but nothing compares to in-person, hands-on lessons. What a joy!


The garden is showing its first signs of the end of the season. The flowers are making a last-ditch effort to rebloom. The hummingbirds and butterflies are magnificent. I'm already making plans for next year.


I just finished my September Technique Tip of the Month. This month in Part 4 of How to Learn a Piece on the Classical Guitar (to be published September 16th), I discuss the "Slam on the Brakes" and "STOP—Then Go" practice tools.

As I was testing out the tools on some old and new pieces so that I could demonstrate them in the videos, I was reminded of how effective these strategies are. I realized I have not used them enough in my own practice. They really work!

Updated September 14, 2021
Leawood, Kansas USA