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Tommy Emmanuel and Douglas Niedt
Guitarists Tommy Emmanuel and Douglas Niedt.

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Woman playing a baroque guitar

The Canarios Page

Canarios, by Gaspar Sanz, has always been a favorite piece of mine. I made a fantastic Canarios webpage for you. It has four super arrangements of the song (Williams, Parkening, Bream, and Bonell), videos, a 28-minute video tutorial on adding rasgueados to the piece, the original manuscripts, and lots of fascinating information. And IT'S ALL FREE! Take me to the Canarios page.

Animal Playing Drums Rhythm Section

Come sit in with
The Rhythm Section


The goal is to help you to deeply internalize a sense of steady time. You will learn to feel and maintain a steady pulse internally, so you can stay in the pocket and hold the tempo.

This free training (over 100 exercise videos) is focused on two essential elements of rhythm and tempo:

  1. The ability to "Play in the Pocket" or Groove.
    You know it when you hear it. When a performer or ensemble is in the groove, the effect is magical.
  2. The ability to "Hold a Tempo".
    In other words, being able to play accurately and steadily in time, maintaining an even tempo over the course of a piece.

Yes, I want to sit in with The Rhythm Section.

Guitar with sheet music

Free Arrangements
for Intermediate
Classical Guitarists

These are arrangements that sound great, but are not too difficult to play.

Doug will post more arrangements in various genres in the months to come.

Not only are the scores free (in standard notation and tab) but some may also have annotated scores (kind of a Play It Like a Pro™ "Lite Version") explaining in detail how to play the piece.

Doug's arrangement of the Celtic tune Skellig by Canadian star, Loreena McKennitt.

Doug's arrangement for SOLO GUITAR of Vivaldi's gorgeous LARGO from Concerto in D Major RV 93

Canarios, by Gaspar Sanz, has always been a favorite piece of mine. I made a fantastic Canarios webpage for you. It has four super arrangements of the song (Williams, Parkening, Bream, and Bonell), videos, a 28-minute video tutorial on adding rasgueados to the piece, the original manuscripts, and lots of fascinating information. And IT'S ALL FREE!

LA PALOMA (Sebastián Yradier) Arranged by Pepe Romero
"La Paloma" (The Dove) is the most recorded Spanish song in history. The sheet music package features the Pepe Romero arrangement, but also includes Tárrega's arrangement, Tárrega's handwritten manuscript, versions in the key of A major, and much more. IT'S ALL FREE!

Free Stuff Fabulous Fingerings

Fabulous Fingerings
for Classical Guitarists

Kick your playing up a notch.
Wondrous fingerings that make a difference.

Each Fabulous Fingering is explained in detail and illustrated with musical examples and explanatory videos.

Fabulous Fingerings for:

  • Leyenda (Asturias) by Isaac Albéniz
  • Prelude in D minor, BWV 999 by J.S. Bach
  • Bourrée in E minor from Lute Suite No. 1, BWV 996 by J.S. Bach
  • Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega
  • Étude No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobos

More pieces will be added soon.

I love FREE. Show me!

The Secret Vault

Classical Guitar
Technique Tips from
Doug's "Secret Vault"

The following tips (and many more) are free.

The Keys to Consistent Classical Guitar Playing, Part 1 of 2

Do you practice a song or a passage over and over but you still don't play it right all the time? Or, do you isolate the difficult parts of a piece and practice them over and over, but when you try to play through the entire song, you blow the whole thing? Do you play it well when you are alone, but then mess up when someone else is listening? Drives you nuts, doesn't it? Good news! I will show you known strategies, tried and tested, that can be used to improve your consistency in playing the guitar.

Guide Fingers

More than you ever wanted to know about guide fingers.

Tone Color, Part 1 of 3

The great Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia once described the guitar as a miniature orchestra. This technique tip will teach you how to produce an incredible variety of tone colors to bring out the best in your guitar playing. In Part 1, I explain and demonstrate seven parameters you can learn to use to change the color of a plucked note. Each is illustrated with a beautifully produced video.

Step Practice

I demonstrate a practice technique that can help you learn almost anything, from sophisticated pieces like the Bach Chaconne to the guitar part of Peter, Paul, and Mary's Puff the Magic Dragon! Some call it the "step-practice" method. It is a simple concept, but effective.

Scales, Part 1 of 2

"The practice of scales enables one to solve a greater number of technical problems in a shorter time than the study of any other exercise." These are the words of Andrés Segovia, the greatest guitarist of the last century. This month's tip is a guide to why you should practice scales, how to practice them, and a list of 19 technical maladies that they can cure. In Part 2, I will demonstrate in a video how to fix those 19 problems.

Practice Routines, Part 1 of 2

Practice routines are important. A practice routine is a habit that determines your progress. A good practice routine can make your abilities as a guitarist grow very quickly. A bad routine will result in slow growth and little improvement. Guitarists who practice well, play well.

Cross-String Ornaments, Part 1 of 3

Many guitarists love cross-string ornaments. They like their clarity and brilliance. Others think they sound like "two skeletons copulating on a tin roof in a thunderstorm." This group much prefers slurred ornaments. This month I will explain the pros and cons of both and let you hear the differences. And, I will explain the "Fast-Practice Technique" of learning cross-string ornaments.

How to Master the Tremolo, a sample from Part 1 of 4

This is the most complete information you will find anywhere on mastering this wonderful technique. But you really have to read all four parts to learn the technique. Reason enough to subscribe.

Christmas Dove

Free Christmas Music for Classical Guitar

Easy and Intermediate-Level Arrangements.
Free Christmas sheet music and free MP3s.

Away in a Manger

Away in a Manger

This fairly easy-to-play but beautiful arrangement of Away in a Manger is Doug's Christmas gift for you. It is in standard notation and tab. Doug's performance of the carol may be downloaded as a free MP3.
Take me to the Away in a Manger page.

The First Noel

The First Noel

This is one of Doug's favorite Christmas carols. This easy-to-play arrangement is in standard notation and tab. Doug's performance of the arrangement may be downloaded as an MP3. The arrangement and MP3 are free, a Christmas gift to you!
Take me to the The First Noel page.

Lady Greensleeves

Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)

A gift of Christmas music. Download Doug's classical guitar arrangement of this timeless classic. In addition to the version in standard notation and tab, Doug provides an annotated version with detailed performance instructions on how to play this beautiful Christmas song. The sheet music and MP3 are free. Merry Christmas!
Take me to the Greensleeves page.

Silent Night

Silent Night

This is an easy-to-play guitar arrangement of this Christmas classic. The sheet music is in standard notation and tab. Also, you may download Doug's recording of this timeless Christmas carol for free.
Take me to the Silent Night page.

The Three Wisemen

We Three Kings

A gift of Christmas music for you. This is an intermediate-level arrangement. Download the arrangement and Doug's performance of this beautiful Christmas song. In standard notation and tab.
Take me to the We Three Kings page.

I Saw Three Ships

I Saw Three Ships

Doug provides you with three versions of this arrangement. One is an easy-to-play version. He also includes an intermediate version with more adventurous harmonies and a slightly more difficult version with a section in artificial harmonics. Also included are recordings of the three versions.
Take me to the I Saw Three Ships page.

Purchase a Lifetime All-Access Pass to the Vault of Technique Tips

and receive free arrangements of:

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella

Cradle Song

Male with ear training contraption

Music Theory and Ear Training for Classical Guitarists

These "games" will help you improve your knowledge of the fretboard and recognition by sight and ear of notes, keys, intervals, triads, and chords. They are really fun.

Play now.

Online Metronome

Free Online Metronome for Classical Guitarists

This Online Metronome is versatile, safe, and easy to use.

Couple Winking

"Quickies" for the
Attention Span
Classical Guitarist!

Doug explains important topics of technique in 60 seconds or less in these short videos.

Of course these only scratch the surface. If you want more information on any of these topics, subscribe to the Technique Tip of the Month to read the comprehensive, detailed articles and watch the in-depth videos that explain these techniques in detail.

But for now, have a quickie.

A Kandinsky music composition

From Google's
Chrome Music Lab:

This music composition app is an unusual addition to the website. Programmers working with Google's Chrome Music Lab were inspired by Russian abstract artist Kandinsky to create this very fun music composition app. For adults it is fascinating and addictive. Plus, an added bonus: children and grandchildren love it.

Compose music now!
Black cat with green eyes

This has nothing to do with the guitar, but...

I am a coding geek and came across this very fun "Animated Fly Cursor Toy for Cats."

Get your cat ready, in front of your computer monitor.

Don't own a cat? Well, it's also good for humans. Children and grandchildren LOVE it.

Do you:

1. Have absolutely nothing else to do?
2. Want to zone out?
3. Want to avoid a dreaded task?

Then try this.
Go ahead, you know you're curious!

(Sorry, only works on desktops and laptops)

Sure, I have time to waste


Isn't it time for you to start practicing?