Guitar Notes Trainer: Recognition of guitar notes on musical staff

Guitar note reading trainer. (Will open in new window so you can still read instructions below.)

If you're a little weak on knowing the names of the guitar notes on the musical staff, this game is for you! Although one might think learning guitar notes is for beginners, this trainer also is for the advanced student who needs to read notes in multiple clefs.

1.On the right is a tally of the number of correct and incorrect guitar notes answers and your game percentage.

2. Pressing the "Ledger Line(s)" button determines the maximum number of ledger lines from (1-4) the guitar notes will have, or you can even select "None" if you're not at that level yet.

3. Clicking the "Toggle Helpers" button will flash the names of the guitar notes on the staff if you need extra help.

4. Also on the right, clicking the "Clef Select" button chooses the clef. (You'll want the treble clef for classical guitar notes which is what automatically loads--you don't have to press the button).

5. But if you would like to learn your guitar notes in other clefs, pressing the button gives you a choice of four: treble, bass, alto, and tenor. You can choose one or even two, three, or all four! If you choose more than one clef, the game will fire off guitar notes at you in random clefs. (To deselect a clef, just press its button). After you change clefs, press the "Clef Select" button to get yourself back into the game and press the "New Note" button to make the new clef sign take effect.

Try it!