Recognition of written key signatures

Guitar theory key recognition trainer. (Will open in new window so you can still read instructions below.)

This game tests your recognition of written key signatures. What do you mean you don't know the key signature of Cb major? You can brush up on your key signatures with this game.

1. On the right it tallies up the number of your correct and incorrect answers and gives you your game percentage.

2. Pressing the "Max. Accidentals" button changes the maximum number of sharps and flats the game throws at you.

3. If you have trouble, clicking on the "Toggle Helpers" button reminds you how many sharps and flats are in each key.

4. Pressing the "Major/Minor" button determines whether you are given the key signatures of major keys (the button changes to an uppercase "M") or minor keys (the button changes to a lowercase "m").

Have fun!