This game plays intervals for you to recognize by ear.

Guitar theory and ear training: Interval Ear Training

This game plays intervals for you to recognize by ear.
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This is a fantastic game for improving your aural recognition of intervals.

1. On the right, a tally is kept of your correct and incorrect answers and game percentage.

2. Clicking the "Play Again" button does just that. If you didn't recognize the interval the first time it was played, you can hear it again as many times as you like.

3. If you change any settings, clicking the "New Interval" button will make the new settings take effect immediately.

4. Clicking the "Direction" button determines whether the second note of the interval is played higher (up arrow) or lower (down arrow) than the first note OR higher or lower at random (up and down arrow).

5. Pressing the "Play Mode" button determines whether the game plays the notes separately, separately and then together, or only together. (And the "Direction" selection you made in the previous step will affect this setting as well!)