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This is a very common guitar technique everyone wants to be able to execute. But it can be tricky to do well. I show you exactly how you too can be a "roller".

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Part 1 of 2

By Douglas Niedt

Copyright Douglas Niedt. All Rights Reserved. This article may be reprinted, but please be considerate and give credit to Douglas Niedt.

This is just Part 1 folks. I drone on for over 17 minutes explaining in detail how to execute this valuable technique. Part 2 will be available next month only to paid subscribers. So be sure to purchase a subscription today.

Warning: don't overuse this technique or you will become infected with "rollitus".

Watch me demonstrate.

Be sure to watch the video on full screen. Click the symbol to the right of "HD" in the lower right-hand corner after the video begins playing. Hit escape "ESC" on your keyboard to return to normal viewing.

You may download the above video from this page.

If you're still awake, be sure to watch Part 2!