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How to Make a Million Dollars Playing the Guitar, by Douglas Niedt,guitarist.  Million Dollar

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From Part 1: It's All About You

The mindset you must cultivate and steps you must take in order to develop your music career and succeed in the music industry and music business.
Crucial topics such as having a mission in life, maintaining a positive mental attitude, learning from failure, pursuing opportunity, educating yourself, perseverance, how to stay financially healthy, and more.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. One Million Dollars, No Bull, No Spin

Chapter 14. Quitting?

From Part 2: This Is How You Do It

Your Hedgehog Concept.
Topics such as Going for Great, Finding the Right People, Defining Your Hedgehog Concept, Facing the Brutal Facts of Reality, Hanging in for the Long Haul, and more.

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Chapter 20. The Right People

Chapter 21. The Brutal Facts of Reality

From Part 4: Good Business Procedures For All Guitarists

Articles on running your business.
Topics include business basics, building your website, selling on the Internet, databases, taxes, and more.

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Chapter 35. Customer Service

From Part 5: You Are Running A Business

You are an entrepreneur. Act like one.
Understanding what your business is about, finding help, planning. You may not want to hear about some of this stuff and you may want to skip over it. Don't do it. You need to learn about these things to further your career, succeed in the music business and music industry, and make a million dollars playing the guitar.

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Chapter 40. You Will Need Help

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