Classical Guitar Instruction with Douglas Niedt


Learn the notes on the guitar fretboard or fingerboard

Guitar fretboard trainer. (Will open in new window so you can still read instructions below.)

This is sooooo cool. It is a fabulous teaching tool to learn the guitar fretboard.

1. See the yellow diamond on the fretboard? Click the note name below that you think matches the note "held" by the yellow diamond. If you're correct, it will flash a new note for you to name. If you're wrong, it will give you the correct answer.

2. On the right side is a tally board that keeps track of the number of your correct and incorrect answers and your game percentage.

3. Also on the right side, click the "Fret(s)" button to choose how many frets the game tests you on.

4. If you're having difficulty, click the "Toggle Helpers" button. The names of the notes will display on the fretboard.