Guitar Chords Ear Training

This is a fantastic ear training game for improving your aural recognition of chords. The game plays chords for you to recognize by ear.

Douglas Niedt says this guitar theory ear training game is a true test of your musical manliness (or womanliness). If you score well on this game, there may be a job waiting for you in your nearest university music theory department.

1. On the right, a tally is kept of your correct and incorrect answers and your game percentage (if it's less than 95%, you can kiss that cushy university music theory department job goodbye).

2. Pressing the "Play Again" button does just that. If you didn't recognize the chord the first time (sorry, once again you're just not cut out for that job in the music theory department) you can have the game play it again as many times as you want.

3. Pressing the "Inversions" button determines whether the game plays the chords in root position or in an inversion. If you're new to this, click this button to "OFF".

4. Clicking the "Play Mode" button determines whether the notes of the chord are played together or arpeggiated separately.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to practice hearing only one or a few different types of guitar chords, you can uncheck (click the check mark) the ones you don't want the ear training game to play.

Good luck!


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