Classical Guitar Instruction with Douglas Niedt


Learn To Identify Chords

on the musical staff.

This is so amazing. Click on the gear icon in the upper right. You can choose:

  1. The clef. For us guitar players the treble clef is the choice. But you can also work in bass clef, the grand staff, alto clef, tenor clef, soprano clef, and even mezzo-soprano and baritone clef. Amaze your friends at parties!
  2. Choose the note range. If you are a beginner, you can focus on the intervals that fall within the first four frets. Or, go for it, and specify the entire range of the guitar.
  3. If you want to raise the bar even more, choose how many key signatures you want the game to fire at you. Choose from 0 to 7 sharps and/or flats.
  4. If you want to go easy on yourself, you can choose only certain chords to be tested on.
  5. Click the Inversions Switch to On to crank up the heat. You will start sweating and your heart will begin to pound.
  6. Choose the level of difficulty from Level 1—no accidentals, to Level 5—"Accidentals of Doom".

CAUTION: If you choose the full note range, all 15 key signatures, all 15 chord qualities to be tested on, Inversions Switch on, and Level 5—Accidentals of Doom, you are on your own. is not responsible for any brain injury or long-term side effects that may result.

This version works on all Windows and Mac desktops and laptops.
But, it may not display well on some tablets and phones.

By the way, you can download these apps optimized for iPads and iPhones.
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