Douglas Niedt

Douglas Niedt's Consultation Service

Purchase an hour of Dougís expertise and experience for $60. Ask him any questions you have about learning the guitar, technique, and practicing.

Use the hour to ask questions and receive advice over several days, weeks, or months.


Need a quick answer to a spontaneous question? Ask me immediately and the time it takes me to answer the question will be logged toward the 60 minutes you have purchased. In other words, ask your questions as you think of them. Donít wait to build up an hourís worth of questions.

Purchase more of my time as you need it.

I will answer by email any questions you have about playing the guitar. Perhaps questions like:

  • What is the best fingering for a passage you are working on?
  • Canít play a passage fast enough?
  • Having a problem with a chord change?
  • Questions about tremolo?
  • Donít understand how to play an ornament?
  • Donít understand how to play a particular harmonic in a piece?
  • Questions like this and hundreds more

Iím looking forward to helping you!

If you have a question about the consultation service, CONTACT US

Douglas Niedt Gives You His No-Risk, Nothing-to-Lose, Money-Back Guarantee
"If you are dissatisfied with the consultation service I will refund ALL of your money. Period.
Just tell me why you didnít like it so I can make it better for others."

Try It Now. Purchase an hour of Dougís expertise. Only $60.
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